YOMECO - Your Media Community

YOMECO is an Online Community with integrated marketplace for Artists, Creative-People and Media Representatives.

Through the distinctive combination of, Self Representation, Networking and Online Job Marketplace, YOMECO offers an attractive conducive platform for those who are seeking jobs in the Music, Entertainment and Media Industry. At the same time, offering a platform for the search for Professionals and Artists through Media firms, Talent-Agencies and Record companies .

The YOMECO wide range Search function enables you to be direct and selective in your choice of Members from the diverse Media sectors.

With a self created Profile, Members can present themselves and their selected Occupations in the professional Media Field, so they could be found internally and externally.

As a Networking tool, YOMECO offers an additional Communication within Members, Gaining Contacts and Caring for them.

The Jobcenter offers free of charge Job Advertisement for Employers as well as increasing their chances of receiving selecting fitting Applicants. Members have the opportunity to openly search and find job-offers advertised on the Jobcenter.

The Consulting Point offers a Platform for exchanging ideas between members and our Team of experts, as well as rendering adequate support by advising Members who are Newcomers in taking their first steps into the Music and media industry.